Rollerballs, Perfume 10 ml Bottles

These are awesome scents and they are all FREE of Chemicals.


• Balance (has oils to help with hormones)

• Beautiful Sweet Fragrance (similar to Acqua Di Gio)

• Earth & Wood

• Elevate (similar to DoTerra's Elevation)

• Lavender

• Love (has oils that give the aroma of love)

• Patchouli

• Peaceful (If you like Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue, you will LOVE this scent)

• Uplift (has oils to help with your mood)


Other perfume scents without chemicals include:

Chanel No. 5, Charmed, Dream Angels, Immortel, Juicy Couture, Lily of the Valley, Love Spell and Wisteria & Lilacs.


Please give these a try if you would like to put less chemicals on your body and smell nice at the same time. 


Cost: $10