Lotion, Healing & Face

Lotions, Organic & Healing

Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles Cream

If you have trouble with eye puffiness and/or dark circles, please try our cream. We've formulated this to help heal all kinds of skin irritations. We've even had someone avoid surgery for skin tags after using this less than 2 weeks!

Cost: $6

Anti-aging Face & Hand Moisturizer, 1 cup container

This is our most popular item with women. This product is made with all natural and organic products and 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. It is not greasy or oily. We always have samples on hand if you want to try this amazing product. We designed this formula after the all-natural Face Moisturizer the women in our family were using, was running low. We were paying almost $50! This product contains 1 cup of lotion and will last 2-3 months or more depending on how much you use. This product now includes Organic Hemp Oil!

Cost: $20

Anti-aging Face Serum, 1 ounce

This is our newest item and we've had some great responses from customers. You should see positive improvement on your face and especially around your eyes within 7-10 days so give us a try. You won't regret it!

Cost: $15 

Face Wash/Astringent

This is a great way to cleanse your face after washing and without using any chemicals. 

Cost: $6 for 2 ounce bottles; $10 for $4 ounce bottles

Cancer Relief & Recovery, 1 cup container

This product is designed to help with people suffering from cancer in all stages and the before and after effects of chemotherapy. This will not only help you feel better, it will help keep your skin soft and it has an amazing aroma to help keep you calm along with any issues of anxiety to help you through your journey. This product now includes Organic Hemp Oil!

Cost: $20

Restless Leg Syndrome, 1 cup container

If you suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, you need to give this a try! We have heard some AMAZING stories from customers about this formula. You will be able to sleep better and be in less pain. This product will also work on back pain if you have issues with that too! This product now includes Organic Hemp Oil!

Cost: $20

Relief, 1 cup container

If you have with pain, then this is the right formula for you! This is formulated to help with arthritis, headaches, muscles, nerve pain and generalized pain. Use this as much as you need to and make sure to put this on the bottom of your feet. Your feet are great absorbers and can help relieve your pain faster. This product now includes Organic Hemp Oil!

Cost: $20

Smoking Cessation, 1 cup container

If you have trouble quitting smoking, give this lotion a try. Use it ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE but make sure to put it on the bottom of your feet. Use this in combination with the Smoking Cessation Nasal Inhaler to help with your effort in finally giving up smoking for good. This product now includes Organic Hemp Oil!

Cost: $20


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